Use PeakInplacement™ to create the perfect conditions for cooperation between the hiring manager and new recruits. The PeakInplacement™ program begins three months before the job starts and lasts a further six months. The business results are clear: the new employee gains immediate insight into the new employer’s goals, expectations and culture and can quickly integrate to achieve business goals.

Consultant: Henry Linder (08-545 00 100)


PeakInplacement™ Executive
Expectations are usually high around the recruitment of new management members and the new employee must be self-sufficient from the outset. Our PeakInplacement™ Executive service ensures the best conditions for a rapid and effective start to the cooperation between the CEO and their newly appointed manager. The Clear Language dialogue tool encourages transparency regarding goals, expectations and platform for personal and professional trust.

Consultant: Henry Linder (08-545 00 100).