Experienced consultants

The recruitment experts at PeakSearch are certified users of the market’s best-documented tests and selection methods.

Our consultants have extensive experience from both working in and recruiting in a wide range of industries. Whether you are a job candidate or a customer, this allows us to offer deeper insights and understanding of your particular business situation and needs. Over the years, PeakSearch has recruited executives, managers and specialists for a wide range of key positions in diverse industries.
In particular, we offer a breadth and depth of experience gathered from our work in the life sciences and related sectors (pharmaceuticals, medicine, biotechnology, diagnostics, pharmacy market and consumer healthcare).

Magnus Klingberg
Senior Recruitment Consultant / CEO / MSc Business & Economics | Stockholm

Magnus founded PeakSearch in 2006. Over the years, he has worked extensively with recruitment and personal assessment for key positions in the Nordic region.
Magnus has a long history of holding leadership roles in sales, business development, marketing, project management, consulting work and management.

He is a certified user of SHL’s tests and selection tools.

Sara Steinvall
Senior Recruitment Consultant / MSc Business & Economics | Stockholm

Sara has extensive experience in recruiting, leading and developing teams both in Sweden and internationally. She recruits to key positions in, for example, the life sciences, retail and home care sectors.

Sara is a certified user of SHL’s tests and selection tools.

Jarl Molin
Senior Recruitment Consultant/ Pharmacist/ eMBA | Stockholm

Jarl has extensive experience in recruitment to key positions. He covers a broad range of industries with a focus on pharmaceuticals, diagnostics, biotech, FMCG, healthcare and strategic communication.

Jarl is a certified user of SHL’s tests and selection tools.

Andrea Backlund
Recruitment Consultant/ MSc Biotechnology & Bioentrepreneurship | Stockholm

Andrea has several years of experience in communication and of financing of growth companies in the life science sector in the Nordic region. By analysing the market, she has managed to match the needs of different players and been able to spot the most favourable solutions for all parties involved. Andrea has also worked with validation and project management in the pharmaceutical industry. Through these positions she has learned that in order to meet the industry’s challenges, in both small and large life science companies, staff with the right skills are required.

Andrea’s academic base is in Biotechnology as well as in Business Administration and Bioentrepreneurship from the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) and Copenhagen Business School (CBS), respectively.

Andrea is a certified user of SHL’s tests and selection tools.

Marta Frick
Senior Recruitment Consultant / Cellular & Molecular Biologist | Uppsala

As the head of PeakSearch in Uppsala, Marta focuses on recruitment to key positions in the surrounding life sciences cluster.

She is educated as a cellular and molecular biologist and has extensive experience in the life sciences field. During her 20 years in the industry and based on experiences gained from different roles at several companies, Marta brings hands-on knowledge relating to sales, marketing, key account management, leadership, project management, market access, business development as well as clinical trial investigations.

Based on her background, she offers deep insights into the life sciences field and a large contact network that she has cultivated over the years.

Marta is a certified user of SHL’s tests and selection tools.

Gunilla Torstensson
Senior Recruitment Consultant and Organizational Developer | West Sweden

Gunilla has a long and broad life science experience in marketing, sales and business development. For the past 8 years, she has focused on organizational development. Gunilla’s eye for people’s unique potential and ability to facilitate the desired development of organizations constitutes a solid platform for value recruitment.

Catharina Herbertsson
Senior Recruitment Consultant / BSc Chemistry & Biology | Lund & Öresund

Catharina handles the recruitment of executives, managers and specialists, mainly in the areas of life science and medicine. She has more than 25 years of experience working in the pharmaceutical industry.

Having worked earlier as a global clinical trial leader and project manager, she brings with her a wealth of experience in leading international teams. Catharina has also worked in the United States with technology monitoring and knowledge transfer in the biotechnology field.

Catharina is a certified user of SHL’s tests and selection tools.

Eva Runnerström
Senior Recruitment Consultant / BSc Chemistry | Lund & Öresund

Eva focuses on the recruitment of executives, managers and specialists, primarily within the life science and medical technology fields.

Eva has more than 25 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry. She has worked both with preclinical and clinical R&D and has held different leadership roles in the areas of clinical trial methodology, project management and global improvement projects. Eva’s expertise also includes leading large international teams.

Eva is a certified user of SHL’s tests and selection tools.

Rebecka Sandelin
Senior Recruitment Consultant/Professional Coach, Master of Science in Business and Economics | Stockholm

Rebecka has extensive experience in expert roles and leadership positions within Life Science. In recent years, Rebecka also works as a Professional Coach for both systems and individuals.

Jesper Ek
Senior Recruitment Consultant | Stockholm

Jesper has over twenty years of leadership experience in Pharmaceutical,Biotech and Medtech in different key positions at companies like Pharmacia, Biovitrum and Roche AG.

He has worked in Europe and in America and has a deep knowledge and relevant experience of the whole span of Life Science industry. He has over the years developed a vast network in the industry in Sweden and internationally as well.

Jesper is a certified user of SHL’s tests and selection tools.