Values Based Recruitment

Value-based recruitment means that we assist you as a recruiter in recruiting the right expertise and help you, as a candidate seeking a new opportunity, match your needs and profile to the right assignment.

A perfect match creates clear added value for both the company and the candidate.

Genom att jag skickar formuläret så medger jag att få bli kontaktad.

To succeed in making the perfect match, it’s important for us to have a deeper understanding of the customer’s requirements and business situation as well as the candidate’s needs and desires. That is why our consultants are always recruitment experts with deep industry experience.

We take a long-term approach to Values Based Recruitment, with satisfied customers and candidates as our guiding star. This ensures that our candidates can achieve rewarding personal development and our customers can gain access to better expertise and clear results.

Our Values Based Recruitment Model is structured in eight different steps: Pre-study & requirements profile, prospectus, search, selection, screening, reporting, follow-up and guarantee. Each step is quality assured to ensure that you get the best end result. Each step also contains a number of selected, well-defined activities, each of which is relevant to the final recruitment result.

Over the years, PeakSearch has recruited executives, managers and specialists to a wide range of key positions in several different industries. In particular, we have offer a unique depth and breadth of experience in the life sciences field and related sectors (pharmaceuticals, medicine, biotechnology, diagnostics, pharmacy market and consumer healthcare).

Tests and selection methods

We use scientifically documented methods for candidate selection and personal assessment.

PeakSearch uses SHL’s well-documented tests and assessment tools for recruitment.

All of our consultants are specialists in selection and personal assessment and are certified in using our tests and tools. Depending on the requirement profile, we always use several of the following selection methods:

• Expertise-based in-depth interview
• Proficiency tests (verbal, numerical, inductive)
• The Personality Form OPQ 32
• Simulation exercises, role play and work tests
• Expertise-based reference interviews
• Assessment center

Quality Guarantee

Values Based Recruitment is our well-proven model for securing highly accurate matching and ensuring that our candidates and customers are satisfied with the final result.

That is why, for us, it is absolutely critical that each and every recruitment is 100% successful, resulting in both a satisfied customer and candidate. We therefore take full responsibility and back our words with a six-month full guarantee for all recruitment assignments.

Ethics, Privacy and Processing of Personal Data

PeakSearch operates under the new EU legislation called the Data Protection Ordinance (GDPR). We also follow the guidance and recommendations of the Association of Recruitment Companies for processing personal data.

If you’d like to learn more about how PeakSearch works with the processing of personal data, please contact Magnus Klingberg, Data Protection Officer, PeakSearch, tel. + 46 8-545 00 100,

Good ethical behavior and principles are fundamental in an industry based on trust – both for our customers and candidates. We follow the ethical rules adopted by the Swedish Executive Search Consultants Association. Here are some of the key points:


We have a strict confidentiality policy regarding circumstances or information that may come into our knowledge in connection with assignments. All papers and documents are stored in a safe manner in accordance with the Data Protection Ordinance.

Candidate privacy

We never divulge any information about a candidate to customers or other external parties before receiving the candidate’s consent.

Interactions with candidates

All candidates are met in a warm, professional manner with respect for their dignity. We do not submit test results or value assessments in writing because they later, and in another context, could harm the candidate.

Off limits

We consistently refrain from actively seeking candidates in those companies with whom we have close, ongoing cooperation.